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Automatic inference of function complexity through polynomial interpolation

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Asymptus Complexity Analyzer

Asymptus is a tool for automatic inference of function complexity. It uses a hibrid approach, mixing static analysis and dynamic profiling, in order to provide more accurate results.

This tool was implemented by @demontiejr and @juniocezar.


Asymptus requires LLVM 3.4 to performe static analysis. To install LLVM 3.4 you can follow these tutorials: downloading a specific version of LLVM and installing LLVM. Note that its necessary to also install clang, the LLVM front-end.

Once you have a working installation of LLVM 3.4, you can download the Asymptus binaries or source code and install it.


Asymptus executes over either a C/C++ file or LLVM bytecodes. The simplest way to run our tool is to execute ./asymptus input_file.(c|cpp|bc). It will identify how many command line arguments the input program reads and generate numeric values for them. You may also use the following options:

 --args type ....         Allows the user to specify the types of command line arguments.
                          It is necessary to specify as many argument as the program reads
                          in order to have a correct execution. The types may be one of the
                          following: int, long, float, double, num, char or string.

 --mix ARG ..             Allows the user to mix random generated arguments with concrete 
                          data. When using this option, the random arguments types have to 
                          come between {}. For instance, --mix myInput {int}.

 --man                    This option will ask the user for only concrete inputs. Asymptus will
                          ask for the inputs of each desired execution. An empty line means all
                          data has been provided.

 -v                       Verbose mode. Prints the polynomial for each loop inside a function.

 -h or --help             Prints this usage message.
Demonstration of usage (audio in Portuguese)

LLVM 3.7

If you want to run Asymptus with LLVM 3.7, go to llvm-3.7 branch (experimental).

Paper Resources

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